Baby Namings or Welcoming Ceremonies are a beautiful alternative way of acknowledging the change in your family on the arrival of a new member. These ceremonies can be for babies or older children and may be a way to mark other changes in family status such as adoption.

I will work with you to develop a beautifully symbolic ceremony to welcome the new member of your family.


Reaffirming your vows is a beautiful way to mark a significant moment in your relationship whether it be working through difficult times or a special anniversary. This can be your chance to have the ceremony that you didn’t get the first time – a true expression of who you are and how you love your partner.



Some couples may prefer not to participate in a legal marriage ceremony but want to make a public declaration of their love and commitment to each other. If you think this is more to your liking, then I am able to create a commitment ceremony to suit your wishes.

Same sex couples are still denied the ability to marry legally in Australia and therefore a commitment ceremony is something that might satisfy your desires. Commitment ceremonies can be very similar to weddings and the importance of standing up in front of your family and friends to declare your love and commitment is exactly the same.


Congratulations on your decision to make a public commitment to your life partner. I hope we can work together to create the happy memories that you will carry with you into this next part of your lives together.

As a marriage celebrant, I draw on my experience as a teacher, writer and performance poet to help you with the right words to express your feelings for each other. I’m proud to be part of a new generation of Authorised Civil Celebrants offering you a vibrant and unique celebration of your feelings.

I have a passion for our diverse cultural heritage and enjoy incorporating elements of traditional weddings into a fresh and dynamic ceremony created especially for you.

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